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The protection of our natural resources is an ongoing effort that is fueled by the support and generosity of environmentally-minded citizens, companies and organizations. Through this collaborative effort, McHenry County will benefit from the preservation of open space, protection of natural lands and wildlife habitat as well as ensuring the preservation of McHenry County’s natural and cultural heritage for the benefit of future generations.Fel Pro RRR site

The Conservation District actively accepts donations to help us fulfill our mission and enhance the quality of life for all residents of McHenry County. The District greatly appreciates the generous gifts of our donors. Donations provide the resources for land acquisition, habitat restoration, threatened and endangered species protection, educational programs, and recreational site improvements.

While donors realize valuable tax benefits, perhaps more valuable than the financial advantages is the satisfaction gained by helping to continue the mission and important work of the Conservation District.

PLANNED GIVING is a broad term that refers to the type of asset given such as land, cash or stock. There are many ways you can make a tax-deductible gift to McHenry County Conservation District:

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Cash - Donations of cash can be earmarked for land acquisition, natural resource restoration, wildlife habitat preservation, recreational improvements, research projects, and educational programs.

Conservation Easements -
The landowner permanently protects their land without giving up ownership. The landowner continues to live on the land and use it and retains the right to sell it or pass it on to heirs.  Through this arrangement, the landowner can possibly reduce taxes; future estates taxes, federal income taxes in the year of donation, and claim a tax deduction.

Land Purchase: The Conservation District purchases the property from the landowner.

Life Estate: The landowner sells or donates the land, but retains the right to live on it throughout his/her lifetime.

Outright Donation of Property: The landowner gives the property to the McHenry County Conservation District by gift or bequest. A donation of property while the landowner is still living allows the donor to deduct the value of the property from their federal income taxes as a charitable contribution.

Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds - Donations of appreciated stocks, bonds, and mutual funds have additional tax advantages. You can transfer stocks directly from your brokerage account to the McHenry County Conservation District.

To learn more about planned giving options available with the McHenry County Conservation District call (815) 338-6223;
or email us at

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