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Geocaching is a high-tech “treasure hunting” game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS device.  The general idea is to locate hidden containers called geocaches or simply caches.  Once you find it, take a trinket and leave one of your own behind for the next person.  Share your experiences through

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Cache Your Way Across McHenry County GeoTour

The 2014 program will be a little different. The McHenry County Conservation District is going to launch an official GeoTour thru The anticipated launch date is still August 1st. The goal is to highlight the BEST spots throughout the McHenry County Conservation District. Some of the District's current caches are already located in ideal spots so a few will be caches that already exist but there will be many new ones as well. More details will follow as they become available.

To participate in our program and earn a special District geo-coin, follow these simple steps.

1) Download a McHenry Conservation District Cache Your Way Across McHenry County GeoTour Passport (AVAILABLE BY AUGUST 1 2014)

Geocacher Finds a Travel Bug
A geocacher proudly displays a found travel bug.

2) Go to and create a login (it's free for basic membership!) and find the corrdinates/info for the program under theGeoTours section.

3) Start your search and locate a cache using a hand-held GPS unit. Our containers are clear plastic containers and will have official District labels.

4) When you find a cache, log your name on the logbook inside. Write the answer to the question in your passport. (Information and your question is located on the cache's page on

5) There is a special first to find prize in all the caches

6) A couple of the caches have travel bugs.   Please move these bugs along and do not keep them!  You will get your own to keep when you finish the program.

7) Complete all the caches and bring your passport to one of our facilities to claim a coin. Be sure to check each facility's hours before heading out. Hours and days open vary depending on the site.

Prairieview Education Center
Lost Valley Visitor Center
Brookdale Administrative Offices

If you are unable to make it to a facility when it is open, you may also mail it to:
McHenry County Conservation District
Attn: GeoTour
18410 US Highway 14
Woodstock, IL  60098

Or e-mail a copy to


New Geocachers
Please join us in playing! All are welcome who observe and obey the rules. Please do not move or vandalize the container. Replace the cache in the same spot in like or better conditions than you found it. When you leave, make sure the cache is completely covered. Please do not remove the informational card from the containers, this is a essential game piece for cachers completing the GeoTour. The real treasure is just finding the container and sharing your thoughts with everyone who finds it.

Check out the 2013 Cache Your Way program!

General Rules (These rules also apply to Letterboxing activities)

Two Geocachers Seeking a Cache
Two geocachers seeking a cache at The Hollows, Cary

A complete list of rules, click to view.

1. The location can only be in an area open to the public and within 12 feet from a trail.

2. The container must be made of clear material, not to exceed 4" x 8" x 12".

3. Only three caches allowed per District site. Due to environmental reasons, certain sites or areas may be closed to geocaching.

4. The cache may not contain food items, inappropriate, offensive or hazardous material.

5. The cache may not be buried and vegetation or other natural features are not to be disturbed.

6. Caches may be hidden under logs, in tree holes, in/under downed trees, in/under brush, etc.. The cache may not be affixed to any man-made structure (bench, sign, pole, fence, water pump, building, etc.) or natural feature (rock, tree, stump, root, etc.) in any manner.  This applies to items requiring magnets, tapes, nails, rope/string, staples or anything else to hold them in place.

7. All caches must be removed or renewed at the end of each calendar year.

How to Place a Cache or Letterbox on District Property

Permission must be obtained prior to placing a cache on District property. To request a geocache form call 815-338-6223 or e-mail Allow 2-3 weeks for your request to be approved. Please do not post your cache on the geocaching website until you have received approval. If your cache is not approved, you will receive information as to why and what can be done to correct any problems.



The McHenry County Conservation District limited edition geocoins are on the loose! A few have been placed in District caches and a few have been handed out to other geocaching individuals. One has already been picked up and will hopefully be on the move soon! We will be tracking travel milestones. View progress.

Volunteers Needed

The Conservation District is looking for individuals with geocaching experience. Volunteers check current caches for compliance with District restrictions and Cache Your Way Across McHenry County. For more information, e-mail or call 815-338-6223.

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