50th Anniversary

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Let's Celebrate
McHenry County Conservation District Celebrates 50 Years! 
McHenry County Conservation District was formed by a successful county-wide referendum and then formally organized in July 1971. The Conservation District founders envisioned a public agency that would preserve and protect the land and the water they loved and lived on, while promoting a way of life they cherished, and establishing a place that could be shared with the wildlife around them.

Throughout the past 50 years, McHenry County Conservation District has secured and protected more than 25,600 acres, diverse with woodlands, wetlands, prairies, creeks and rivers that afford habitat for a wide array of plant and animal species, as well as numerous endangered and threatened species. Today, McHenry County Conservation Areas offer residents wide open spaces at 35 sites to enjoy  outdoor recreational pursuits on 103 miles of hiking trails45 miles of biking trails25 fishing areas6 campgrounds6 canoe launches, 45 miles of horse trails, and 18 reservable picnic shelters, as well as a multitude of opportunities for wildlife viewing.

We celebrate and recognize the milestones and accomplishments achieved, the many partnerships that help bring projects to life, and most importantly the citizens and taxpayers of McHenry County who placed their trust in the Conservation District to bring vision of our founders to life!

Our Story

50th Anniversary Commemorative Book

Landscapes Features: 

History Unfolds - Our Beginnings

A Half Century of Land Protection

Bitten by the Outdoor Bug - Where my Love of the Outdoors Began

Key Milestones Timeline

The Early Years - 1971s & 1980sFulfilling the Dream

Growing Years 1990s & 2000sMaking a Last Impression on the Landscape

Engaging Years  2010 - 2021Fostering a Sense of Community

Enhancing Visitor Experiences

Cultural History

Leadership Through the Years

Connections in Conservation

Behind the Scenic Views