Wide Open Spaces
with McHenry County Conservation District
Tuesdays & Saturdays at 11:30 a.m.
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Wide Open Spaces 
with McHenry County Conservation District  is now on FM Radio 101.5 Huntley Community Radio Station. The Conservation District teams up with Huntley Community Radio to present longer, in-depth conversations on a variety of topics that will appeal to different audiences. Each episode, Executive Director Elizabeth Kessler will highlight connections in conservation through preservation, environmental education, and outdoor interests and recreational pursuits. Each program is approximately 27 minutes long and can be listened to live on 101.5 FM on Thursdays and Saturdays at 11:30 a.m., streamed live on HuntleyRadio.com or by downloading the podcasts below. Spend some time in the field, on the trails, and behind the scenes to hear conversations that inspire an appreciation for our natural world, keep us in touch with nature’s wild side, and encourage a green, healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

Huntley-Radio-Logo-70x70Huntley Community Radio, 11419 Illinois 47, at the Al Litwin Studios, began in 2012 as an internet based station at huntleyradio.com where residents could listen live or click on a previously recorded podcast. In October of 2014, they received approval from the FCC to broadcast as a Low-Power FM station at 101.5 FM. The broadcast reaches all of Huntley and portions of Lake In The Hills, Gilberts, Lakewood, Algonquin, Hampshire, Union, Marengo and Woodstock.

Wide Open Spaces Podcast

July 2018
Interview With Thom Palmer
From Huntley Park District 
Thom Palmer and Elizabeth Kessler Radio Show

May 2018
Interview With Steve Bryer From The Friends Of Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge
Steve Byer Elizabeth Kessler Radio Sho 

February 2018

Interview With Aida Frey
Aida Frey 

Historic Places that Matter with Kurt Begalka, McHenry County Historical Society; Gail Brown, Scientific Database Coordinator, McHenry County Conservation District; Ed Collins, Director of Land Preservation and Natural Resources, McHenry County Conservation District.
Begalka, Collins and Brown Radio Show

Delegates Discuss the First Annual Conservation Congress with Matthew Ewertowski, representing hunting community; Bob Levin from Marengo Township; and Dennis Dreher representing Boone Creek Watershed Alliance.
Ewertowski, Dreher, Levin, Kessler Radio Show

Hooked on Fishing  with Radio Show Host and Columnist Steve Sarley and Dave Kranz, business owner of Dave’s Bait & Tackle and avid outdoorsman
Sarley, Kranz, Kessler Radio Show


Homegrown Destinations / Short local outings with John Kremer, Director of Operations &  Public Safety, McHenry County Conservation District


Conservation Congress 2016 Preview with Conservation District Board President Bona Heinsoln; Board Secretary Steve Barrett; and McHenry County Conservation Foundation Board Director Kevin Ivers

No Time to Hibernate!  Winter fun & Outdoor Explorations 
with Glacial Park Ski Patrol, McHenry County Snowmobile Club

Things that Go Bump in the Night – Autumn campfires stories  with Education Coordinators and storytellers Andy Talley & Kim Compton

Great Expectations & Great Experiences on Conservation Sites with McHenry County Conservation District Police Department.
Police Radio Show


Children and Nature, Great Family Self-Guided Activities, highlighting the Fox Club with the Education Department Staff.
Education Radion Show
SPECIAL EDITION: with special guest Senator Pam Althoff about the treasured wide open spaces and places that matter in McHenry County, and how and why McHenry County is unique as a county and to have a Conservation District.
Althoff Radio Show
Outdoor McHenry County: Recreational Trails, Fishing spots, Camping, and Geocaching with Josh Crittenden, Asst. Site Ranger; Police Sgt. Ryan Stewart; Stephanie Michael, Geocaching Program Organizer
Steph Ryan and Josh Radio Show

People and the Land, Historic Sites with Gail Brown, Powers-Walker & Friends of McConnell Volunteer Coordinator; Kim Compton, Education Program Coordinator
Gail and Kim Radio Show

Go behind the scenes with Site Supervisor Ben O’Dea, Ranger Mary Deja, and Assistant Ranger Josh Crittenden. 
Mary Ben and Josh Radio Show

Living with Wildlife with Sara Denham, Wildlife Resource Center Manager and Beth Gunderson, Wildlife Resource Center Specialist. 
Sara Denham Beth Gunderson Radio Show

We LOVE our volunteers! with Denice Beck, Volunteer Coordinator and volunteers.

Wildlife Management  with  Brad Woodson, Natural Resources Manager; Gabe Powers Natural Resources Project Coordinator; and Cindi Jablonski, Wildlife Ecologist.
Gabe Brad Cindy Radio Show

Green giving and green living 
with Kevin Ivers from McHenry County Conservation Foundation, and Val Siler District Land Preservation Manager
Val Siler Radio Show
Why is conservation important to McHenry County?
 with Guests: Ed Collins, Director of Land Preservation and Natural Resources and Kim Compton, Education Program Coordinator.
Kim Compton Ed Collins Radio Show