Board Meetings

The upcoming meetings of the Board of Trustees will be held as a video conference Zoom meetings.
If you are interested in virtually attending, read the directions and click on the link below. 
The agenda is located under the Board of Trustees tab below.

Remote Meeting Attendance
Zoom Meeting Directions: 
  • Meeting attendees will be directed into a waiting room where you will be seated until the meeting begins at 5 p.m. and the host allows you to enter - this occurs one at a time so there may be a delay.
  • Attendees will be muted during the meeting. 
  • During public comment, if you would like to speak, scroll/drag cursor to bottom of the page and click on the raise your hand button or send the host a note through the chat feature.
  • When you are recognized to speak, your hand will be lowered and your microphone will be turned on.  
  • Public comments are limited to 3 minutes per person. 

Note: Meeting capacity is 100 people,  first come, first served due to the technology platform.  While meetings will not be live-streamed, the meeting will be available for viewing following the meeting by accessing the link under the appropriate meeting tabs below for transparency purposes and to meet the requirements of the OMA Executive Order 2020-07.

Board of Trustees May 26, 2020 - 5 p.m.

Password: 435081


Dial: 1.312.626.6799
Access Code: 835 8205 7141
Password: 435081

Meeting Recordings
Videos of the most recent meeting can be found here:
May 21, 2020 Finance & Administrative Committee Meeting
May 26, 2020 Regular Meeting (Part 1)

May 26,  2020 Regular Meeting (Part 2)

Meeting Schedule
The Board of Trustees will meet as a Committee of the Whole on the 3rd Thursday of each month to discuss items that are on the agenda of the regular meeting.  Action on those agenda items will be taken at the Board of Trustees Meeting on the 4th Tuesday of each month.  

Meetings are held at the Brookdale Administrative Offices, 18410 US Highway 14 in Woodstock, unless otherwise specified.
Any additional special public hearings and/or neighborhood meetings that may be  scheduled will be posted as Special Call meetings.

2020 Board of Trustee Meeting dates (all meetings begin at 5:00 p.m.): January 21; February 25; March 24; April 21; May 26; June 23; July 21; August 25; September 22; October 20; November 19; December 17.

2020 Committee of the Whole (all meetings begin at 5:00 p.m.): January 16; February 20; March 19; April 16; May 21; June 18; July 16; August 20; September 17; October 15.

2020 Special Call Meetings (all meetings begin at 5:00 p.m.): January 14; February 18; March 17; July 14; August 18; September 15.

Board Meeting Archive

Meeting Documents

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Committee of the Whole7 documents

  • 5.21.2020 Meeting Cancellation Committee of Whole
    document date 05-12-2020
  • 4.16.2020 Cancellation Notice
    document date 04-11-2020
    Committee of the Whole Meeting Cancellation Notice
  • 3.19.2020 Cancellation Notice
    document date 03-16-2020
  • 2.20.2020 Agenda
    document date 02-20-2020
  • 2.20.2020 Minutes
    document date 02-20-2020
  • 1.16.2020 Agenda
    document date 01-16-2020
  • 1.16.2020 Minutes
    document date 01-16-2020

Special Call Meetings12 documents

  • 5.21.2020 Agenda (Finance and Administrative Committee)
    document date 05-21-2020
  • 3.17.2020 Meeting Cancellation (Finance and Administrative Committee)
    document date 03-16-2020
  • 3.4.2020 Agenda (Professional services agreement; Executive session)
    document date 03-04-2020
  • 3.4.2020 Minutes (Professional Services Agreement; Executive Session)
    document date 03-04-2020
  • 2.18.2020 Agenda (Finance & Administrative Committee)
    document date 02-18-2020
  • 2.18.2020 Agenda (Interview and Selection Process of Legal Counsel)
    document date 02-18-2020
  • 2.18.2020 Minutes (Finance and Administrative Committee)
    document date 02-18-2020
  • 2.18.2020  Minutes (Interview and Selection Process of Legal Counsel)
    document date 02-18-2020
  • 2.8.2020 Minutes (Special Call)
    document date 02-08-2020
  • 2.8.2020 Agenda (Special Call Conservation Congress)
    document date 02-08-2020
  • 1.14.2020 Agenda (Finance and Administrative Committee)
    document date 01-15-2020
  • 1.14.2020 Minutes (Finance and Administrative Committee)
    document date 01-14-2020

Board of Trustees8 documents

  • 5.26.2020 Agenda (Revised)
    document date 05-22-2020
  • 4.21.2020 Agenda (Revised)
    document date 04-15-2020
  • 3.24.2020 Minutes
    document date 03-24-2020
  • 3.24.2020 Agenda
    document date 03-22-2020
  • 2.25.2020 Agenda (revised)
    document date 02-25-2020
  • 2.25.2020 Minutes
    document date 02-25-2020
  • 1.21.2020 Minutes
    document date 01-21-2020
  • 1.14.2020 Agenda
    document date 01-15-2020