Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan (FY2021 - FY2023) covers a three-year period from April 1, 2021, to March 30, 2023. The plan provides clear direction for the work of the District and features four main pillars. These pillars focus on water, land, community and stewardship, and will launch strategic initiatives and conservation efforts that will set the course for a better tomorrow.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Pillars

Our Water
Engage the public, landowners and governmental agencies on water quality issues, restoration efforts of habitats along rivers, creeks and wetlands, and promote water-related activities.
Our Land
Restore to ecological health, an interconnected landscape of woodlands, savanna, prairies, and wetlands in a manner that is responsive and resilient to ensure they are preserved into perpetuity.
Our Community
Undertake communication, education and outreach initiatives to engage and empower people of all ages, cultures and abilities to learn about and contribute to conservation in diverse and impactful ways.
Our Stewardship
Continue organizational effectiveness, focusing on core activities, allocating funds responsibly, and diversifying revenue sources. Identify core activities that prioritize preserving, restoring and managing our natural and cultural heritage, opportunities for immersive and educational experiences, and maintaining safe, public access.

About the Plan
The Strategic Plan is a short-term vision document that is complementary to the Conservation District’s long-term framework plan. The Conservation District’s operational work plan will be developed to meet the strategic direction as outlined in this plan.

All operational work plan items will be completed with existing financial resources and organizational capacity and aligned with the Conservation District’s annual budget and appropriation ordinance.

The Strategic Plan is intended to guide the Board of Trustees in making often difficult decisions about the allocation of resources. It is also an important management tool that identifies the essential and most critical activities the District intends to focus on over the next few years, and not get sidetracked with other worthy initiatives that are not aligned with this Strategic Plan.