Habitat Restoration Days

Get involved! 
If you’re wild about nature and enjoy working with people who are enthusiastic about the environment, you’re a “natural” to help District site stewards at habitat restoration days. Volunteers assist with seasonal restoration tasks, such as cutting and stacking invasive brush, removing non-native vegetation, and sowing native plant seed.

Join us:  Choose the Conservation Area where you wish to help out, and then contact the site steward for site-specific details. Additional questions? Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 815. 338.6223 or Volunteers@MCCDistrict.org  In some cases, you  can  Signup Online  and the steward will contact you!

Who: Adults, teens, families (children should be at least 6 years old; anyone under 13 must be accompanied by an adult), groups, students needing to complete community service requirements.  Groups should call one week in advance. All large groups or corporate restoration day requests should be sent to the Volunteer Coordinator at jbero@MCCDistrict.org.  

Where: Conservation Areas (listed below) throughout McHenry County

When: Saturdays, Sundays and some weekdays throughout the year. Sessions last about three hours.

Experience: No experience required. Note: Activities such as chainsawing and herbicide application require additional training/certification.

What to bring: Wear sturdy footwear and clothing appropriate for outdoor work and weather conditions. Safety equipment and tools are provided. Bring work gloves if you own them, plus drinking water, insect repellent and sunscreen, as needed.

Southeast (Cary, Island Lake, Lake in the Hills, Woodstock)

Site: Boone Creek Conservation Area  (Parking: 916 Cold Springs Rd, Woodstock)
Steward: Brandie Dunn
(815) 347-2247 or nativebeelady@gmail.com OR Register Online
Dates: Third Wednesday of the month
Time: 2–5 p.m.
Site parking (access only during workdays): Lot behind St. John Lutheran Church, 405 W State Rd. #176, Island Lake
Steward: Mike Bouska
(815) 759-0731 or MikeBouska@att.net
Dates: Variable – Contact Steward
Time: Variable – Contact Steward
Site: Dufield Conservation Area (South Entrance on McConnell Rd.)
Steward: Jeff Schumacher
(815) 337-9315 or schumacher.jeff1@gmail.com OR Register Online
Dates: Second Saturday of the month
Time: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Note: Not held in Winter, except 12/12/20
Site: Exner Marsh (Contact steward for parking location)
Steward: Len Bannon
(847) 669-1381 or lennsandy@gmail.com OR Register Online   
Exner Marsh for 2022:
May 21; Jun 18; July 9; Aug 20; Sept 17; Oct 15; Nov 19; Dec 17
Time:  9 a.m.- 12 p.m.
Site: Fel-Pro RRR Disc Golf Course (Parking Varies - Contact steward)
Steward: Donovan Livingston
thediscgolfhunter@gmail.com OR Register Online
Dates: Varied- Contact steward
Time: Varied- Contact steward

Site: Lake in the Hills Fen
Steward: John Scott
(847) 658-6241 or janetescott@yahoo.com
Dates: Variable – Contact Steward
Time: Variable – Contact Steward

Site: Oakwood Hills Fen (Parking: Lakewood Dr. & E Park Ln.)
Steward: Patrick Boros
(847) 791-6767, patrick_boros@yahoo.com OR Register Online
Dates: Varied- Contact steward
Time: Varied- Contact steward
Site: The Hollows (Contact steward for parking location)
Steward: Margie Szymanskyj
Dates: Variable – Contact Steward
Time: Variable – Contact Steward
(Spring, Summer and Fall only)

Northeast (Bull Valley, Johnsburg, McHenry)

Site: Boger Bog (Contact steward for parking location)
Steward: Ders Anderson
(815) 451-8496danderson@openlands.org OR Register Online
Dates: Fourth Saturday of the month
Time: 10am–1pm
Site: Glacial Park (Parking Varies - Contact steward)
Steward: Jim Andrews
jra0368@gmail.com OR Register Online
Dates: Varied- Contact steward
Time: Varied- Contact steward
Site: 4300-4598 Red Tail Ct., Johnsburg
Steward: Jake Hadden
(847) 770-3633, jhadden@johnsburg12.org OR Register Online
Dates: Second Tuesday and Saturday of the month
Time: 3:00-4:30 p.m.
Site: Stickney Run (Contact steward for parking location)
Steward:  Pete Jackson
(224) 612-1803beepjackson14@gmail.com OR Register Online
Dates:  Dates Vary
Time:  9 a.m.–12 p.m.

Northwest (Alden, Harvard)

Site Parking (access only during workdays): 15820 IL Route 173, Harvard
Steward: Jack & Judy Speer
(815) 690-6240 or smallwatersNFP@yahoo.com OR Register Online
Dates: Third Saturday of the month
Time: 1–12:30 p.m.
Note: Special programs are available

Site:  High Point (Contact steward for parking location)
Steward:  Orrin Bangert and Randy Stowe
(815) 943-6333 or Glaggan@yahoo.com  OR Register Online
Dates:  Dates Vary– Contact Steward or check on online
Time:  9 a.m.–1 p.m.

Southwest (Marengo, South of Woodstock)

Site: Coral Woods ( Parking: 7400 Somerset Dr., Marengo)
Steward: Bonnie Leahy
(815) 923-2208 or bh.leahy@att.net
Dates: Variable – Contact Steward
Note: Daily opportunities are available during May and June

Site: Marengo Ridge (Contact steward for parking location)
Steward: Kevin Kucharski
(815) 715-3231 or kucharski.kevin@outlook.com
Dates: Variable – Contact Steward
Time: Variable – Contact Steward

Site: Pleasant Valley
Steward: Vacant 
Dates:  None at this time.