Wildlife Resource Center Volunteers

The Wildlife Resource Center (WRC) staff has three primary tasks: (1) environmental education, (2) captive rearing and reintroduction of select wildlife species; (3) rehabilitation of species of conservation concern.

Volunteers are trained to assist staff with animal husbandry, including tasks such as:
– cleaning aviaries, reptile enclosures, and rodent cages;
– preparing diets;
– light building or grounds maintenance; and
– cage construction or repair.

Note: The goal is to keep the “wild” in wildlife, so volunteers work in close proximity to captive wildlife, but have minimal physical contact.

For more information, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 815.338.6223 or Volunteers@MCCDistrict.org. New WRC volunteers are required to complete an interview with the WRC Manager prior to registering with the District.


  • Minimum age 18
  • Complete an interview with the Wildlife Resource Manager
  • Be a registered District volunteer
  • Have a current tetanus vaccination
  • Physically capable of carrying out the duties of the position
  • Responsible, reliable and available at the times required by the position

EXPERIENCE:  Training is provided.

SCHEDULE:  Volunteer opportunities are available 7 days/week depending on staff scheduling.  The minimum time commitment is 3–4 hours/day, two days per month.

LOCATION:  Wildlife Resource Center, Wonder Lake