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Shaping the Next 50 Years of Conservation in McHenry County Conservation Congress 2020 — Recap
In early February, McHenry County Conservation District reconvened delegates to the 3rd Conservation Congress of McHenry County. The Conservation Congress provided both delegates and members of the community who attended a formal process to propose and advocate for actions that can be taken by the McHenry County Conservation District to protect and conserve our natural resources, as well as provide compatible education and recreational opportunities on public lands in McHenry County.

This assemblage of thoughtful leaders and influencers offered their insight and opinions throughout the day-long event on three conversations: Reciprocity Returning the Gift;  The Pursuit of Healthiness; and Our Wild Calling: Transforming our Daily Lives to Connect Children, Families and Communities to Nature.  A compiled summary of the conversations can be found below.  

If the legacy of public lands bequeathed to us is to continue for the next fifty years and beyond, all interest groups within the county need to come together to speak with one voice. The McHenry County Conservation Congress offers that opportunity.  
Thank you for these thoughtful discussions!

New in 2020
Members of the Public, along with our delegates, were Invited to Join the Conversation! 
Next Generation Insight — Youth Delegation!

Congressional Conversation No. 1
Reciprocity: Returning the Gift — A Conservationist’s Continuum
Conversation Summary

Congressional Conversation No. 2
The Pursuit of Healthiness
Conversation Summary

Congressional Conversation No. 3  
Keynote Speaker: Richard Louv
Our Wild Calling: Transforming our Daily Lives to
Connect Children, Families and Communities to Nature
Conversation Summary

Youth Delegation Conversation Summaries

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McHenry County municipalities and delegate organizations came together in 2018 to voice that they Stand UP for Conservation: