Conservation Congress

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McHenry County Conservation District hosted the 4th Conservation Congress of McHenry County on April 6, 2022. The Conservation Congress provided both delegates and members of the community a formal process to propose and advocate for actions that can be taken by the McHenry County Conservation District to protect and conserve our natural resources, as well as provide compatible education and recreational opportunities on public lands in McHenry County.

The first presenter and conversation focused on how changing social values and increased technology use are shaping our future.  The first presenter and conversation focused on how changing social values and increased technology use are shaping our future. Haim Israel, Managing Director of Research – Global Strategist and Head of Global Thematic Research Team with Bank of America/ Merrill Lynch, presented a surprising vision of what the future holds, highlighting sustainable investing, the promise of a future generations of environmentally conscious individuals, and the prediction that by 2030, people will spend more time online “in the metaverse” than they will interacting in real life. The challenges facing the world can seem daunting, but often result in innovations in technology, research, and culture that improve quality of life for all.

In the second conversation, we brought the conversation closer to home discussing visions for a dynamic future in the areas of health and wellness, climate, and placemaking. Panelists included Melissa H. Adamson, MPH, Public Health Administrator, McHenry County Department of Health; Zak Dolezal, Chef-Owner, Duke’s Alehouse and Kitchen; Heidi Jenkins, MA, CTRS, Superintendent of Recreation, Northern Illinois Special Recreation Association; Ed Collins, Director of Land Preservation and Natural Resources, McHenry County Conservation District; and moderator Jamie Ponce, Executive Director Civic Infrastructure Collaborative.
The Conservation District then hosted three roundtable, deeper dive discussions to gain input from delegates and attendees.  A brief summary of those discussions are here >>  Conservation Congress 2022 Recap
In the coming weeks and months the conversation will continue. The Conservation District will gather more information and determine how to develop and enhance its strategic plan, upcoming projects and programs for the future. Thank you to everyone who participated. 

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Conservation Congress 2020 RECAP
Congressional Conversation No. 1
Reciprocity: Returning the Gift — A Conservationist’s Continuum
Conversation Summary

Congressional Conversation No. 2
The Pursuit of Healthiness
Conversation Summary

Congressional Conversation No. 3  
Keynote Speaker: Richard Louv
Our Wild Calling: Transforming our Daily Lives to
Connect Children, Families and Communities to Nature
Conversation Summary

Youth Delegation Conversation Summaries

McHenry County municipalities and delegate organizations came together in 2018 to voice that they Stand UP for Conservation: