Our Work

Want to learn more about what we do at the District?
In our Behind the Scenic Views series, join staff members out in the field as they discuss their work and recent projects.

Bison Grazing for Grassland Habitat

Join Brad Woodson, Brenna Ness and Adam Rex as they discuss restoration of pasture land to support bison grazing through a partnership with Ruhter Bison LLC.

Winter Site Maintenance

Join our Parks and Fleet and Mechanic staff as they discuss the work it takes to keep our sites open to the public in the winter months. 

School Springs Wetland and Stream Mitigation Project

Join Brad Woodson and Gabe Powers as they discuss a recent wetland and stream mitigation project in Glacial Park. After extensive research, planning, and implementation, a new stream and wetland were created. This former cornfield will soon become home to diverse natural communities.

Seed Collection

Plant Ecologist Laurie Ryan explains why the District does much of its own seed collection, and how our dedicated volunteers help in this process. If you are interested in possibly becoming a seed collection volunteer, or just want to learn about the use of native seeds in ecological restoration, this is a must-see! 

Freshwater Mussels

Wildlife Ecologist Cindi Jablonksi takes us into the stream to explore the lifecycle of freshwater mussels. She discusses the threats to these important members of this ecosystem, and how the District monitors mussel populations in our county. 

Summer Storm Cleanup

Keeping the trails clear is a tough job, especially during stormy weather. Ranger Steve Stabenow explains the process our Rangers use when dismantling a fallen tree, along with the safety precautions they take. Have you ever wondered why we might leave parts of a fallen tree after removing it from the trail? Ranger Steve Stabenow answers this question and more.