Woodland Plants

Printable Plants for Woodlands

Note About Scientific Names:
The scientific name has been included for all plants on this list. Many species have been hybridized and are commercially available. However, these hybrids and cultivars are not truly native species. Depending on your goal this may not matter to you; however, if you are attempting a restoration, it is important to acquire only plants with the exact scientific name listed. The reason for this is that many hybrids will not reproduce and spread.

Woodland Plants

Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis)
Bloom Time: April
Height: 1'

Dutchmans-B - Copy
Dutchman’s Breeches (Dicentra cucullaria)
Bloom Time: Apr-May
Height: 6″-12″
Comments: Red berries in the fall
 Unknown Image
False Solomon’s Seal (Smilacena racemosa)
Bloom Time: April
Height: 1'

Mayapple (Podophyllum peltatum)
Bloom Time: May-Jun
Height: 15″
Comments: Will spread to form ground cover
 Unknown Image
Rue Anemone (Anemonella thalictroides)
Bloom Time:  Apr-Jun
Height: 6″-8″
 Unknown Image
Sharp-lobed Hepatica (Hepatica acutiloba)
Bloom Time: April
Height: 8"
Comments: Flowers may be white, pink, lavender or blue

Virgins-Bower-Vine - Copy
Virgin’s Bower (Clematis virginiana)
Bloom Time: Jul-Oct
Height: 3′-9
Comments: Woody vine; abundant frothy blossoms
 Unknown Image
White Baneberry (Actaea pachypoda)
Bloom Time: May-Jun
Height: 2'
Comments: Aka Doll’s Eyes, beautiful white flower
 Unknown Image
White Trillium (Trillium grandiflorum)
Bloom Time: Apr-May
Height: 15"
Bellwort (Uvularia grandiflora)
Bloom Time: Apr-May
Height: 2'

Elm-leaved Goldenrod (Solidago ulmifolia)
Bloom Time:   Jul-Oct
Height:  1′-3′
Comments:  Butterfly friendly

trout-lilly - Copy
Trout Lily (Erythronium americanum)
Bloom Time:  Apr-Jun
Height:  8″
Comments:  May also be white; AKA Dog tooth Violet

Turk’s cap Lily (Lilium michiganense)
Bloom Time:  Jun-Aug
Height:  3′-5′
Comments:  Hummingbird friendly

Zi-zag-Goldenrod - Copy
Zig-Zag Goldenrod (Solidago flexicaulis)
Bloom Time:  Aug-Oct
Height:  1′-3′
Comments:  Butterfly friendly

Red Trillium (Trillium erectum)
Bloom Time:  Apr-May
Height:  6”-18”
 Unknown Image
Wild Columbine (Aquilegia canadensis)
Bloom Time:  May-Jun
Height:  1’-3’
Comments:  Hummingbird & butterfly friendly; red & yellow flower; potentially aggressive

Jacob's Ladder (Polemonium reptans)
Bloom Time:  Apr-Jun
Height:  6"-24"

Tall-Bellflower - Copy
Tall Bellflower  (Campanula americana)
Bloom Time:  Jul-Oct
Height:  2′-5′
Comments:  Short lived perennial

Virginia Bluebell (Mertensia virginica)
Bloom Time:  Apr-May
Height:  1′-2′
Comments:  Pink buds, blue flowers
 Unknown Image
Virginia Waterleaf (Hydrophyllum virginiana)
Bloom Time:   May-Jun
Height:  1′-2′
Comments:  Will spread to form ground cover

Wild Geranium (Hydrophyllum virginiana)
Bloom Time:  Apr-Jul
Height:  1′-2′
 Unknown Image
Woodland Phlox (Phlox divaricata)
Bloom Time:  Apr-Jun
Height:  6″-18″
 Unknown Image
Green Dragon
(Arisaema draconitum)
Bloom Time:  May-Jun
Height:  1′-3′
Comments:  Bright red berries in fall; exotic bloom
 Unknown Image
Smooth Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum canaliculatum)
Bloom Time:  May-Jun
Height:  1′-4′
Comments:  Blue berries in fall; hummingbird friendly
 Unknown Image
Jack-in-the-Pulpit  (Arisaema triphyllum)
Bloom Time:  Apr-Jun
Height:  30″
Comments:  Bright red berries in fall

Wild Ginger  (Asarum canadense)
Bloom Time:  Apr-May
Height:  6″
Comments:  Exotic flower; spreads to form groundcover
Bracken Fern  (Pteridium aquailinum)
Height:  2′-3′
Comments:  Spreads vigorously
 Unknown Image
Maidenhair Fern  (Adiantum pedatum)
Height:  10″-20″
Comments:  Beautiful form

Cinnamon Fern  (Osmunda cinnamomea)
Height:  2′-3′
 Unknown Image
Royal Fern  (Osmunda regalis)
Height:  2′-5′
Comments: Red spring color, yellow fall color

Interrupted Fern  (Osmunda claytonia)
Height:  2′-4′

Sensitive Fern  (Onoclea sensibilis)
Height:  12″-30″
Comments:  Fronds good for drying

Lady Fern  (Athyrium filix-femina)
Height:  2′-3′
Comments:  Evergreen

Bottlebrush - Copy
Bottlebrush Grass  (Hystrix patula)
Bloom Time:  Jun-Jul
Height:  2′-3′
Comments:  Beautiful seed heads

Silky Wild Rye  (Elymus villosus)
Bloom Time:  Jun-Aug
Height:  1′-3′
Comments:  Glossy dark green foliage

Woodland Brome  (Bromus pubescens)
Bloom Time:  Jun-Aug
Height:  2′-4′
Comments:  Beautiful seed heads