Seasonal Sightings

You can explore and discover wildlife any time of the year. We live in an area where the change of seasonal temperatures bring on noticeably changes to our local flora and fauna. From migrating warblers to blooming wildflowers, from woodland lichens to creepy crawlers - there is always something to see, big or small. The key is knowing where and when to look.

Most animal activity patterns follow seasonal changes that affect food availability, mating, and raising young. In addition, many animals have migratory patterns that bring them to our area only during certain months. For example, changing weather and changing daylight during the spring bring new sightings every week to our area. Some spring wildflowers only bloom for a couple weeks and migrant wildlife may stop for only a day. In order to see it all, you need to get out often.

Check out our seasonal highlights that were featured in past issues of Landscapes, accompanied by a activity, scavenger hunt or just some weird and wonderful wildlife facts.   

What will you find?