Weekend of Restoration

Experience the Meaning of Restoration
Connect to nature, to community. Enjoy a night hike, morning tours, campfires, songs, a bit of history and science, a bit of reflection, restore nature and yourself. This award-winning program is a mini vacation that makes a difference!

For more information on Facebook or contact Tom Simpson at tsimpson@mccdistrict.org or(815) 678·4532 Ext. 8218.

POSTPONED - Weekend of Restoration XVII: Fire, The Great Transformer
Date TBD • Saturday 8 a.m. – Noon Sunday
Lost Valley Visitor Center, Glacial Park

Cost: $25 per person; $15 Seniors (60+); $20 Students (16–22); Code: 6500
Free for Registered District Volunteers (Call (815) 678-4532, ext. 8144 for Discount Code)
Ages 16+. Register by 4/17.

Join us to learn about fire, plant trees, and build protective cages around young oaks to protect them from deer browse. Take a vacation that makes a difference! 

For most of human history, wherever humans inhabited the temperate and tropical regions of the earth, they carried with them the cultural use of fire as a tool for shaping their environment. Fire, water, earth, and air are the four sacred elements of ancient philosophy, and we will begin this spring with fire! Fire both destroys and renews life and has ritual significance in many cultures. Fire also plays an important role in the ecology of the Midwest, both in the distant past and today, and our attitudes toward fire have changed greatly over time. Seventy-five years ago we tried to stop every landscape fire as soon as possible. Now we set prescribed fires to achieve our strategic management goals. This dramatic cultural shift in attitudes appeared in popular culture, land management, and science.

Fee includes continental breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday. Several motel options are within
15 minutes of Glacial Park or camp for FREE exclusively for this event. (BYO camping equipment. Shower facilities available.)

Past Weekends 
Over the past nine years, Fall and Spring Weekend of Restoration events have been hosted at several one to two acre sites within Glacial Park were native plant seedlings and seeds were planted to restore the former barrens/savanna vegetation. Each year we will continue our progress and invite new friends to join us. Witness the results of past “turtle marsh”, “dragon barrens”, “crane hill” weekends on Facebook.