Education opportunities have greatly shifted to digital environments putting learning at your fingertips.  The Conservation District has put together additional online learning resources that include a variety of ways for students, volunteers, individuals, and families to get enlightened and inspired by the natural world. Use the E-learning opportunities to enhance your on-site experiences. Explore the creative resources and check back frequently, as we will continue to add more.

E-Learning Resources

Virtual Field Study Videos

We wanted to give students the opportunity to still experience our sites while at home, but while originally created for teachers and students, Virtual Field Studies is great for all ages who want to discover more!
Virtual Field Study: Festival of the Sugar Maples
Virtual Field Study: Restoring Glacial Park
Virtual Field Study: At Home in the Woods
Virtual Field Study: Early Spring Wildflower Walk
Virtual Field Study: Wandering Wetlands
Virtual Field Study: Prairie Plant Walk

Printable Field Study Resources
Predator / Prey
Animal Adaptations

Looking for something you don't see here? We have ten additional Virtual Field Studies available by request. These cover the following subjects: Pioneer Life; Exploring Ecosystems; Ice Age; Geology and Glaciers; Animal Adaptations; Have to Have a Habitat; Bugs, Bugs Bugs; Plant Life Cycles; Powers-Walker House Tour; Nocturnal Animal Sing-Along. If you would like any of these for your home or classroom use, please email Education@MCCDistrict.org.

Explore the outdoors each season with themed activity sheets and videos.

DECEMBER - Evergreens (Activity Sheet)
- Owls (Activity Sheet) (Supplemental Videos)
FEBRUARY - Scat (Activity Sheet) (Supplemental Videos)

MARCH - Creek Life (Activity Sheet) (Supplemental Video)
APRIL - Recycling (Activity Sheet) (Craft Video)
MAY- Rock Talk (Activity Sheet)
MAY - Frogs (Activity Sheet)  (Craft Video)

JUNE - Turtles (Activity Sheet) (Trail Tip Video)
JULY - Backyard Birding (Activity Sheet)
AUGUST - Insects (Activity Sheet)

SEPTEMBER - Fun Flowers (Activity Sheet)
OCTOBER - Fall Colors (Activity Sheet)
NOVEMBER - Winter is Coming (Activity Sheet)

Discover Nature

Check out these digital and printable resources created by our staff to help guide your Nature Discoveries.
Just for Fun - Word Search
Spring Scavenger Hunt
Bird Matchmaker 
Bird Sound Scavenger Hunt
Baby Animal Name Game

Migration Madness 
Eyes to the skies! Learn more about are feathered friends and their spring and fall migration patterns. Print out the Bird Id sheets and grab your binoculars. 
Spring Birding - Early Arrivals
Spring Birding - Mid Arrivals
Spring Birding - Late Arrivals
Spring Birding - Waterfowl 
Tom Talks

Dr. Tom Simpson, Research Field Station Ecologist, is hosting a series of webinars for volunteers. We'll be posting videos of these webinars here for the public. Check back soon! Want to be notified to register for free Zoom webinar?  Contact JBero@MCCDistrict.org.
Stalking the Elusive White Oak  (Part 1)    (Part 2)
Walking Behind the Glaciers
A Step Back in Time 
Spirits of the Spring: Woodland Wildflowers
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Soils - But Were Afraid to Ask
People & Fire: A Very Old Relationship 
Woody Plants (Part 1)     (Part 2)
History of Conservation
Winter Ecology
Basic Botany
Lazy Summer Plants
Late Bloomers
How Geological Forces Shape the Living World

What Ecology Tells Us About the Living World
Darwin The Man who Broke Nature: Charles Darwin and The Origin of Species

Tom Talks: Virtual Field Trips
Dr. Tom Simpson (Research Field Station Ecologist) and Jackie Bero (Volunteer Coordinator) are at it again, this time taking participants along with them, virtually, on-site at some of the District's restored conservation areas. 
Marengo Ridge
Nippersink Creek (Part 1) (Part 2)
Wonders of the Wild 
Have You Ever Wondered...Why snakes stick out their tongues? How an owl's flight can be so silent? What a sandhill crane eats? Where monarch butterflies go in the winter? How a beaver can withstand the cold water in winter? Education Program Coordinator Kim Compton explores these questions and more in our environmental education series, perfect for all ages.

Behind the Scenic Views
Looking for something for older children in middle school or high school? In our Behind the Scenic Views series, experts at the Conservation District discuss recent projects including things like wetland restoration and mussel surveys. 

Trail Tips
Spring is a great time to learn about baby wildlife and what we should do if we come across them. Our Trail Tips series with Wildlife Resource Specialist Beth teaches viewers about the stages of local wildlife young, and the way their parents care for and protect them. 

Scat Chat
Join Ranger Dave and Education Program Coordinator Val as they discover and explain different animal scatological specimen found at our conservation areas.

All About Owls
Learn about these mysterious creatures from our Wildlife Resource Center!