Kishwaukee Headwaters

153 acres | 1.75 miles of trail

Site Hours
Open Daily Sunrise to Sunset (Some sites are subject to Seasonal Closures or closures due to special circumstances).

US Highway 14 & Dean St, Woodstock

Trail Map

Visitors can enjoy the looped nature trail that transverses over a boardwalk, through wetland, sedge meadow and savanna communitities. Take time to  enjoy a  picnic at the shelter that overlooking the diverse array of prairie plants and flowers, swaying in the breeze, as grassland birds, butterflies and dragonflies dart about.

As its name suggest, this site is part of the headwaters and watershed of the Kishwaukee River.  Beginning as a simple trickle or seep, the wetland communities of this site and the area directly to the north supply the initial surface flow of the Kishwaukee River.  (The Kishwaukee River is recognized as one of the most biologically rich river systems in Illinois and is characterized by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources as a biologically significant stream.) In 2005, the fields were harvested one last time and marked the transition from over 150 years of agricultural practice back to an ecologically sustainable prairie landscape.  Take a hike on the 1.75 miles of trail and check out this restored prairie.