Pioneer Road Canoe Landing


Site Hours
Open Daily Sunrise to Sunset (Some sites are subject to Seasonal Closures or closures due to special circumstances).

7049 Pioneer Road, Richmond

Nippersink Canoe Trail Map

Creek Float Guide 
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In 2011, the District restored the woodlands located along the west side of Pioneer Road, north of Harts Road near Glacial Park. This 125 acre woodland restoration involved clearing exotic and invasive brush and plant species to restore the high-quality oak woodlands systems, enhance the woodland bird breeding habitat, and help improve the overall stream quality in Nippersink Creek by reducing erosion. The area was then re-seeded with native woodland wildflowers and grasses. Restoration work will continue on the stream and surrounding wetlands.

Glacial Park Conservation Area is among the most ecologically diverse sites owned by the McHenry County Conservation District. This portion of Glacial Park was selected for its large mature oaks, three headwater streams feeding Nippersink Creek, diverse displays of spring wildflowers and close proximity to Pioneer Landing. This once beautiful woodland has become overgrown with invasive woody plants and weeds Look for a much healthier Pioneer Landing in the months to come.

Closures And Water Levels
Paddlers Take Note:  The Conservation District maintains and clears debris only where the District owns the land on both sides of the creek – ie. from Keystone Landing to Pioneer Landing –  not the entire route. The District does not remove obstacles on/along private property. Downed trees or river debris can occur at anytime along the entire route and we cannot provide updated conditions. Paddling this river system is entirely at your own risk!  Only you can decide whether your skills as a paddler are appropriate for the river conditions on any given day. 

Nippersink Creek is one of the highest quality streams in the state of Illinois!  You can help keep it that way be following The 7 Principles - Leave No Trace.


The second graph of the USGS water levels, lists cubic feet per second; at least 100 cfs would allow for an enjoyable ride. When waters are moving above 300 cubic feet per second, it is considered fast. When levels are above 750 cubic feet per second, or 7 feet, all launches will be CLOSED due to lack of clearance under two bridges. There is also a  free water level app you can download for your android phone –

All activities in this area are at the user’s own risk.  It is up to the individual watercraft user to make a decision on whether or not to paddle the waterway given weather, water conditions, and skill level. A river has risks. There may be hazards and dangerous conditions.  During low precipitation periods of drought or high waters after heavy rains, travel along Nippersink Creek is not advised.