Stickney Run

629 acres | 1.25 miles of trail

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Site Open
Daily Sunrise to Sunset (Some sites are subject to Seasonal Closures or closures due to special circumstances).

3216 West State Park Road, McHenry

This site is home to a variety of wildlife.  A large variety of birds can be found because of the many different types of habitats that can be found.  While on site, look for great blue herons, blue jays, red-tailed hawks, goldfinches and red-headed woodpeckers.

A unique feature of Stickney Run Conservation Area is the Mosgrove Cemetery, dating back to the mid-1800’s. The tall center marker commemorates this private pioneer cemetery as the resting place of the John and Jane Mosgrove family. John Mosgrove was an Irish immigrant who settled this section of Nunda Township in the mid 1830’s. While very little is known about the family, it is believed they were prominent and respected farmers. The cemetery holds a number of unmarked graves believed to include area neighbors, though no records exist to identify them. It also holds eight known graves, including those of John and Jane Mosgrove.

Parts of this site were once a very productive apple orchard.  Eleven kinds of apples were harvested throughout the year and stored in insulated storage cellars.