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McHenry County Conservation District owns or manages 25,754 acres of open space provides wildlife habitat preservation, educational opportunities and recreational amenities for the citizens of McHenry County to appreciate and enjoy. Thirty-five sites are open to the public featuring 105 miles of hiking trails, 45 miles of biking trails, 23 fishing areas, 6 campgrounds, 6 canoe launches, 37 miles of horse trails, and 18 sites with picnic areas & shelters, and a multitude of opportunities for wildlife viewing. The District also boasts 17 dedicated State Nature Preserves within its sites.

Sites open daily sunrise to sunset. Some sites are subject to Seasonal Closures or closures due to special circumstances.

Love them & Leash them: Dogs are allowed on District trails and picnic areas when on a leash (no longer than 10 feet) and the person they are with has them under control at all times.

pipo-web-iconHelp keep our conservation areas beautiful!
Please remember to Pack-In-Pack-Out and bring all trash with you when you leave.


Conservation Area  Size  icon_nK-Bicycle_18px icon_nK-Camping_18pxB icon_nK-Canoeing_18pxB icon_nK-Cross-Country-Skiing_18pxB           icon_nK-Fishing_18pxB       icon_nK-Hiking_18pxB              icon_nK-Horseback-Riding_18pxB icon_nK-Picnic-Shelter_18pxB icon_nK-Snowmobile_18pxB icon_nK-Sledding_18pxB
 Beck's Woods, Chemung    283 acres    icon_nK-Camping_18pxB      Piscasaw Creek   0.5 miles   icon_nK-Picnic-Shelter_18pxB    
 Boger Bog, Bull Valley      38 acres             1 mile   icon_nK-Picnic-Shelter_18pxB    
 Boone Creek, Bull Valley    608 acres            1.98 miles  1.35 miles icon_nK-Picnic-Shelter_18pxB    
 Brookdale, Woodstock   1,645 acres           11 acre pond icon_nK-Handicapped_18pxB & twin ponds  7.2 miles  6.15 miles  icon_nK-Picnic-Shelter_18pxB    
 Community Research Forest, Harvard        93 acres            1 mile        
 Coral Woods, Marengo     794 acres         1.5 miles (B)    2.8 miles   icon_nK-Picnic-Shelter_18pxB    
 County Line Rd. Access, Marengo       10 acres           Kishwaukee River  0.3 miles        
 Dufield Pond, Woodstock       78 acres           7 acre pond  0.75 miles        
 Elizabeth Lake Nature Preserve
 Varga  Archeological Site
, Richmond 
     345 acres            1.7 miles        
 Exner Marsh, Lake in the Hills      220 acres            1.3 miles   icon_nK-Picnic-Shelter_18pxB    
 Fel-Pro RRR, Cary      277 acres        2 miles (B)  2 ponds: 4 acres/1 acre icon_nK-Handicapped_18pxB2.2   miles   icon_nK-Picnic-Shelter_18pxB    
 Fox Bluff, Cary      279 acres     icon_nK-Canoeing_18pxB    Fox River; ponds by special use  permit only  2.5 miles        
 Glacial Park, Ringwood  3,400+ acres  icon_nK-Bicycle_18px   icon_nK-Canoeing_18pxB  4 miles (B)*
 2 miles (A)
 Nippersink Creek  5 miles  4.78 miles
+ link to Prairie Trail North
icon_nK-Picnic-Shelter_18pxB icon_nK-Snowmobile_18pxB icon_nK-Sledding_18pxB
 Harrison Benwell, Wonder Lake       75 acres        2 miles (B)    1.6 miles   icon_nK-Picnic-Shelter_18pxB    
 Hickory Grove Highlands
 and Lyons Prairie & Marsh
, Cary
  310 + 411 acres    icon_nK-Camping_18pxB icon_nK-Canoeing_18pxB  3.5 miles (B)
 1* solar lit
 Fox River  4 miles  1.83 & 1.4 miles icon_nK-Picnic-Shelter_18pxB    
 High Point, Harvard      253 acres            1 mile        
 The Hollows, Cary      478 acres   icon_nK-Camping_18pxB icon_nK-Canoeing_18pxB  1 mile (B)
 1.75 miles* (I)
 2 ponds: 22 acres/2.5 acres  4.75 miles   icon_nK-Picnic-Shelter_18pxB    

 Keystone Road Canoe Landing,
 Wonder Lake

      icon_nK-Canoeing_18pxB    Nippersink Creek          
 Kishwaukee Headwaters, Woodstock       153 acres            1.75 miles    icon_nK-Picnic-Shelter_18pxB    
 Lake in the Hills Fen, Lake in the Hills      400 acres        1.5 mile (B)    1.3 miles   icon_nK-Picnic-Shelter_18pxB    
 Marengo Ridge, Marengo      818 acres   icon_nK-Camping_18pxB    2.2 miles (B)*/
 2.3 miles (I)*
 1 acre pond  7.4 miles   icon_nK-Picnic-Shelter_18pxB    
 Nippersink Canoe Base, Spring Grove       377 acres     icon_nK-Canoeing_18pxB    Nippersink Creek  0.35 mile   icon_nK-Picnic-Shelter_18pxB    
 North Branch, Richmond     521 acres   icon_nK-Camping_18pxB**        1.5 miles  1.5 miles link to Hebron       Trail 4.81      
 Pioneer Road Canoe Landing,   Richmond
      icon_nK-Canoeing_18pxB    Nippersink Creek          
 Pleasant Valley, Woodstock  2,080 acres        2.7 miles* (B)  2 acre pond  5 miles  1.3 miles † icon_nK-Picnic-Shelter_18pxB    
 Rush Creek, Harvard     726 acres   icon_nK-Camping_18pxB    3 miles* (B)  4 acre pond  2 miles  5.7 miles icon_nK-Picnic-Shelter_18pxB icon_nK-Snowmobile_18pxB  
 Silver Creek, Cary     840 acres        1.3 mile (B)  1 acre pond  5 miles   icon_nK-Picnic-Shelter_18pxB    
 Stickney Run, McHenry     629 acres        1 mile (B) Pond  1.25 miles  1.26 miles† icon_nK-Picnic-Shelter_18pxB    
 Winding Creek,  Hebron     631 acres         1 acre pond  1.7 miles   icon_nK-Picnic-Shelter_18pxB    

* Groomed Trail with 4″ of snow
**Overnight camp area for long distance cyclists
† Horse Trailer Parking not available 
(B) Beginner (I) Intermediate (A) Advanced 

 Regional Trails         icon_nK-Bicycle_18px icon_nK-Canoeing_18pxB icon_nK-Cross-Country-Skiing_18pxB icon_nK-Hiking_18pxBicon_nK-Handicapped_18pxB icon_nK-Horseback-Riding_18pxB icon_nK-Snowmobile_18pxB 
 Hebron Trail - East:Keystone Rd, Richmond to Lange Rd. Hebron    2.5 miles
    icon_nK-Hiking_18pxB icon_nK-Horseback-Riding_18pxB  icon_nK-Snowmobile_18pxB
 Hebron Trail - West: Church St., Hebron to just before RR Crossing    2 miles     icon_nK-Hiking_18pxB icon_nK-Horseback-Riding_18pxB icon_nK-Snowmobile_18pxB
 H.U.M. Trail, Union-Marengo    3.2 miles     icon_nK-Hiking_18pxBicon_nK-Handicapped_18pxB    
 Nippersink Canoe Trail, Ringwood-Spring Grove    15 miles        
 Prairie Trail  11.3 miles    Barnard Mill to South 176 icon_nK-Hiking_18pxB   7.66 miles  icon_nK-Snowmobile_18pxB
 Prairie Trail (South), Algonquin-McHenry  14.8 miles    Pyott Rd to County Line icon_nK-Hiking_18pxBicon_nK-Handicapped_18pxB    
 Ridgefield Trace, Woodstock-Crystal Lake    7.5 miles     icon_nK-Hiking_18pxBicon_nK-Handicapped_18pxB    
 Stone Mill Trail, Harvard-Chemung    1.3 miles     icon_nK-Hiking_18pxBicon_nK-Handicapped_18pxB    


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Maps41 documents

Conservation Area Maps29 documents

  • Beck's Woods
    document Header Beck's Woods
    5940 N Pagles Rd, Chemung
  • Boger Bog
    document Header Boger Bog
    2100 Cherry Valley Rd, Bull Valley
  • Boone Creek
    document Header Boone Creek
    916 Cold Springs Rd, Bull Valley
  • Brookdale
    document Header Brookdale
    18410 US Highway 14, Woodstock
  • Community Research Forest
    document Header Community Research Forest
    20411 Streit Rd., Harvard
  • Coral Woods
    document Header Coral Woods
    7400 Somerset, Marengo
  • County Line Rd. Access
    document Header County Line Rd. Access
    4700 County Line Road, Marengo
  • Dufield Pond
    document Header Dufield Pond
    N: 11750 Country Club Road, Woodstock / S: 11418 McConnell Road, Woodstock
  • Elizabeth Lake Nature Preserve Varga Archeological Site
    document Header Elizabeth Lake Nature Preserve Varga Archeological Site
    11000 Lakeview Road, Richmond
  • Exner Marsh
    document Header Exner Marsh
    Lakewood & Miller Roads, Lake in the Hills
  • Fel-Pro RRR
    document Header Fel-Pro RRR
    1520 Crystal Lake Avenue, Cary
  • Fox Bluff
    document Header Fox Bluff
    Cary Algonquin & Cold Springs Rds, Cary
  • Glacial Park
    document Header Glacial Park
    Route 31 & Harts Road, Ringwood
  • Harrison Benwell
    document Header Harrison Benwell
    7055 McCullom Lake Road, Wonder Lake
  • Hickory Grove and Lyons Prairie & Marsh
    document Header Hickory Grove and Lyons Prairie & Marsh
    500 Hickory Nut Grove Lane, Cary
  • High Point
    document Header High Point
    10250 Reese Road, Harvard
  • Keystone Road Canoe Landing
    document Header Keystone Road Canoe Landing
    6500 Keystone Road, Wonder Lake
  • Kishwaukee Headwaters
    document Header Kishwaukee Headwaters
    US Highway 14 & Dean St, Woodstock
  • Lake in the Hills Fen
    document Header Lake in the Hills Fen
    1500 Jefferson St, Lake in the Hills
  • Marengo Ridge
    document Header Marengo Ridge
    2411 N. Route 23, Marengo
  • Nippersink Canoe Base
    document Header Nippersink Canoe Base
    400 E. Route 12, Spring Grove
  • North Branch
    document Header North Branch
    11500 North Keystone Road, Richmond
  • Pioneer Road Canoe Landing
    document Header Pioneer Road Canoe Landing
    7049 Pioneer Road, Richmond
  • Pleasant Valley
    document Header Pleasant Valley
    13315 Pleasant Valley Road, Woodstock
  • Rush Creek
    document Header Rush Creek
    20501 McGuire Road, Harvard
  • Silver Creek
    document Header Silver Creek
    1009 Rawson Bridge Road, Cary
  • Stickney Run
    document Header Stickney Run
    3216 West State Park Road, McHenry
  • The Hollows
    document Header The Hollows
    3804 US Highway 14, Cary
  • Winding Creek
    document Header Winding Creek
    8415 Johnson Road, Hebron

Bike Trail Maps5 documents

  • H.U.M. Trail
    document Header H.U.M. Trail
  • Hebron Trail
    document Header Hebron Trail
  • Prairie Trail
    document Header Prairie Trail
    North (McHenry-Wisconsin State Line) and South (Woodstock-Crystal Lake
  • Ridgefield Trace
    document Header Ridgefield Trace
    Woodstock-Crystal Lake
  • Stone Mill Trail
    document Header Stone Mill Trail

Pond Depth Maps6 documents

  • Brookdale Pond
    document Header Brookdale Pond
  • Dufield Pond
    document Header Dufield Pond
  • Fel-Pro RRR Pond
    document Header Fel-Pro RRR Pond
  • Hickory Grove Riverfront
    document Header Hickory Grove Riverfront
  • Lake Atwood
    document Header Lake Atwood
    The Hollows
  • Rush Creek Pond
    document Header Rush Creek Pond

Canoe and Kayak Trail Maps1 document

  • Nippersink Canoe Trail
    document Header Nippersink Canoe Trail