Disc Golf

Course Closed Fri. & Sat. Sept. 23 & 24: Main Entrance & Disc Golf Course Site (For ticketed event: Great Outdoors Beer Trail)

Fel-Pro RRR, located in Cary, offers space for many recreation opportunities including a sand volleyball court, basketball court, ball diamond, and a disc golf course!

Near the east entrance, this course consists of a variety of 3 and 4 par holes. The 9 eastern holes of the course are primarily across mowed field, while the  newly added (fall 2020) 9 holes are located in the wooded area to the west.  

Enjoy a a casual round with friends and family on a blue sky afternoon or a brisk early winter day set in the backdrop of protected open space! But don't forget to BYOD (bring your own discs)!  The course consists of 18 holes for players of all skill levels.  Recommended group size is 3-5 players to ensure speed of play. It typically takes 2-3 hours to play through.


Map and Score Card
Go paperless with an app that contains maps and scoring functions. Our course is on UDisc  and DGCR. You can also print a score card and map below, but don't forget a pen!



New To Disc Golf? 
The holes are actually chain baskets or catchers for the flying discs. Just like with golf, there are different discs available that players can use for different types of shots. However, unlike golf,  disc golf courses are free.  While the sport has been around since the late 1970’s it’s popularity has increased again over the past eight years. The Conservation District inherited the course when they purchased the property in 1999.  In 2016 staff began exploring the idea of expanding the disc golf course and completed the work in-house.

The objective of disc golf is similar to the objective of golf. Instead of clubs and balls, the playing equipment features a wide variety of plastic discs, more commonly known as frisbees, that come in many different weights and sizes. The disc golf target is a basket and corresponds to a golf hole. The winner is the one who completes the course with the least amount of throws.

Help keep our conservation areas beautiful! Please remember to Pack-In-Pack-Out and bring all trash with you when you leave.