Geocache / Letterbox

Geocaching is a high tech “treasure hunting” game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices or smart phones.  The general idea is to locate hidden containers called geocaches or simply caches. Once you find it, take a trinket and leave one of your own behind, sign the logbook and share your experiences through

Geocaching on McHenry County Conservation District property - due to the similarity, all rules apply to Letterboxing as well:
  • Follow all District rules and regulations - all geocaches are required to be 12 feet or less from a designated trail.  You may leave the trail for the cache as long as you are within the 12' 
  • Geocaches may not be affixed to any natural or man-made structure with the exception of magnetic caches.  Magnetic caches cannot be placed on any electrical boxes, pipes or other mechanical structures.
  • Light pole caches ("lpc") are not allowed
  • Certain areas may be closed to geocaching for a variety of reason
  • Permission must be obtained prior to placing a cache.    
Complete list of geocaching /letterboxing rules

Cache Your Way Across McHenry County 

Each year the District puts together a Cache Your Way Challenge.  The program typically runs from August 1st  thru November 30th.  Complete the program and claim a one of a kind, limited edition District GeoCoin.

The District also maintains an ongoing GeoSeries, Cache Your Way Across McHenry County, highlighting the BEST spots throughout the McHenry County Conservation District.  A GeoCoin is available for the completion of this program as well.

We also have a Cache Your Way Across McHenry County Facebook Group