The McHenry County Conservation District supports hunting practiced in a legal, responsible, safe, and ethical manner. Regulated hunting is the utilization of a renewable resource and fits within the definition and framework of conservation. The District’s hunting program operates on the basis of three philosophies.

These philosophies serve as the foundation of the program and are as follows:

  1. Safety is the top priority of the hunting program. The highest standards of safety are demanded from all participants and staff involved in the program. Safety shall not be compromised.
  2. Only ecologically self-sustaining wildlife populations are included in the scope of the program. The definition of “ecologically self-sustaining” is those populations naturally found in viable numbers on District sites. These are populations that, through their own natural reproductive rates, can sustain their population.
  3. The District strives to integrate hunting into the list of recreational opportunities available on various sites it owns and manages. The activities of the hunting program will be tailored to prevent significant changes to the District-established pattern of public use on its sites.

The District currently offers hunting programs in the following categories

Deer Hunting

Waterfowl Hunting

Turkey Hunting